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The Company hereby declares with respect to the information displayed on this website:

Limit word, absolute word and functional word failure declaration

The new advertising law prohibits absolutist and functional terms from appearing on all pages。And hereby solemnly declare: the absolute terms and functional terms on all our pages are invalid before this statement, and are not used as grounds for compensation。For areas that are not obvious and areas that are not inspected, it will be gradually modified and improved。However, manual investigation does not guarantee 100% complete investigation, our company does not accept and does not compromise in any form of limit word compensation requirements and online fraud in the name of counterfeiting, please make way for real consumers, rights protection is a two-way street。Hope new and old customers understand and support and contact customer service to help improve。

Part of the content of this website is reproduced from other media, the purpose is to convey more information, does not mean that the website agrees with its views or confirm the authenticity of its content, and does not bear the direct and joint liability for such works of infringement。 If there is any content on this website that infringes your rights and interests, please contact the webmaster for processing。

2. The information displayed on this website is provided by the website owner, and the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the content are borne independently by the website owner。


Yu ICP prepared 2021009489-1