Wastewater treatment
Detailed introduction:

Wastewater treatment is the use of physical, chemical and biological reactions to purify wastewater, reduce pollution, and even achieve wastewater recovery and reuse, and make full use of water resources。

Product overview

The design of the integrated wastewater treatment equipment is mainly for the treatment of domestic sewage and similar industrial organic sewage。The main treatment means is to use the more mature biochemical treatment technology - biological contact oxidation method。It consists of six parts: (1) anoxic tank (2) contact oxidation tank (3) sedimentation tank (4) disinfection tank and disinfection device (5) sludge tank (6) air room。

(1)Anoxic pool: The anoxic pool is set for nitrogen removal treatment, and the stereoelastic filler is set in the pool as the carrier of denitrifying bacteria. The nitrification solution is reduced to nitrogen by adding nitrate nitrogen and acid nitrogen under the action of denitrifying bacteria, so as to achieve the purpose of nitrogen removal. The effective residence time of the anoxic pool is 2.5~3.5hThe dissolved oxygen is controlled at ≤0.5mg/L。

(2)Contact oxidation tank: The sewage flows to the contact tank for biochemical treatment. The contact tank is divided into three levels, and the residence time is 8h (the contact oxidation time of the enhanced equipment can reach 8~12h), the filler is a new type of elastic filler, easy to conjunctiva, not clogged, and the water ratio of the contact oxidation pool is about 15:1。

(3)Sedimentation tank: The biological sewage flows to the second sedimentation tank, the second sedimentation tank is vertical sedimentation, and the sludge is raised to 1~1.5h

(4)Disinfection tank, disinfection device: disinfection tank according to the standard standard is not less than 30 minutes, if the hospital sewage, disinfection tank can increase the residence time to 1~1.5h。Disinfection treatment can be used automatic chlorine dioxide generator, the equipment according to the size of the water output constantly change the dosage to achieve the purpose of more water more medicine, less water less medicine, other disinfection devices can be configured separately。

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