Pulse bag filter type central dust removal system
Detailed introduction:

Product overview

The dust removal system is mainly composed of dust collector, intelligent control system, fan, constant pressure settling conveyor, vacuum pipe network, high pressure conveying system, storage bin and so on。When the dust removal system is running, the dust generated at each dust point in the production site is collected and sent to the sedimentation conveyor trough through the dust collection pipe network。The coarse and heavy dust will settle to the trough, be discharged by the conveying system, and enter the high-pressure conveying pipe。 Light fine dust with the air into the pulse bag filter dust collector。Pulse bag filter filter mainly uses high-density filter materials,Filter and separate the dusty air,At the same time, on-line pulse injection system is used,Guided compression is used to reverse blow the filter bag,The rapid expansion vibration of the filter bag and the effect of reverse air flow are utilized during the blowing,Shock the dust to the lower part of the dust collector,It is then discharged by the discharge system and fed into the high-pressure conveying pipe,Transfer to subsequent processing。

Scope of application

    Dust removal system, suitable for the treatment of normal temperature, low humidity temperature, low oil, low corrosion dust containing waste gas, through the filter bag upgrade, optimization and increase of supporting equipment, can also deal with high temperature, corrosive dust containing waste gas。

System characteristics

1、The central dust removal system of pulse cloth bag has the characteristics of reasonable design, simple structure, stable operation, energy saving and environmental protection。

2、Automatic frequency conversion control: The controller synchronously adjusts the fan frequency according to the wind pressure change signal in the main pipeline, so that the fan always maintains a small state of energy consumption under the premise of ensuring the air volume, and the energy saving effect is achieved20%50%Energy saving has obvious advantages。

3、Pulse injection system: Using high-density anti-static polyester needle felt filter material, with high dust removal efficiency, good air permeability characteristics。

Dust removal efficiency: the dust removal efficiency of the pulse bag dust collector can be reached99.99%Above, the dust emission concentration is stable below30mg/m3Almost zero emissions。

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